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Park Place Living – Community Living That Will Keep Seniors Busy

parkplaceliving-02Moving into the seniors living is one of the things that the senior people fear the most, because they fear that, once they step through that door, everyone they new, their families, friends and so on, even their grandchildren will forget all about them and that they will be left to “slowly rot” there, forgotten by all. The senior citizens need that social interaction maybe more than anyone else, it is what still makes them ticking, so they are very weary of being isolated in a strange and unknown environment.

But, at the same time, that doesn’t mean that they want to be a burden to anyone. For them,  it is usually enough if they get a visit once a week from their grandchildren. This can keep them going for a whole week afterward. But, all this time, they don’t want to be put into some retirement home, with the other seniors.

But senior living communities, like Park Place Living, for instance are nothing like you think they are. This isn’t like in the movies where the senior citizens just sit in front of a TV screen all day, or in their room, until the nurse comes in with their pills and pudding.  Here are then 3 things that separate a truly good senior living home from a bad one:

1. Activities

One of the things that the senior citizens dread the most when it comes to the retirement homes is the complete lack of activity in them. No matter how old the person is, whether he is 20, 30 or 90 years old, he always must have some kind of physical and mental activity to keep him going. Whether it is just walking, jogging, doing crossword puzzles, sudoku or knitting, the worst thing that a human being can do for himself is not being active. Park Place Living offers its residents some great activities that they will not only enjoy, but that will also keep them mentally and physically fit.

2. Outdoor Exercises

Just because someone is 80 or 90 years old, they don’t have to sit all day in front of a TV screen. Park Place Living offers its residents a great outdoor space, surrounded by trees and secluded by the city hustle and bustle where they can go for a walk every day and even do some light exercises. Of course, all of the exercises are led by a professional senior citizens fitness instructor and monitored by the medical staff that works here.

parkplaceliving-013. Entertainment and Socializing

These two things are perhaps the most important ones. It is very important that the senior citizens always have some way to fill out their time, whether it is by watching movies, reading a book or even chatting with their family online. In such an environment, it will be much easier for them to make some new friends (yes that is quite possible, even in advanced age). So, next time you come to visit your dad, don’t be surprised if he has made a few new friends.

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